Symphony of Dreams, Op. 22

Cabo da Roca, Portugal, 2011.

Cabo da Roca, Portugal, 2011.

Pause for a moment, and listen. What is it that you hear?

The decibels of modern day civilisation falls away in a diminuendo to the sounds of your own breathing. Listen closely; can you hear the quieter sounds? Sounds of your inner world muted in the accelerando of everyday priorities. The aria of your aching heart grieving for the time and opportunities lost and abandoned; the nocturne of unfulfilled desires; the rhapsody of your tired bones straining under the weight of one too many frappucinnos consumed on the pretext of fuelling your consciousness, or, the leaden regret from injudicious decisions inadvertently made.

If we were to make a habit of consciously pausing for a single moment each day to listen to the sounds emanating from within our beings amid the cacophonous world about us, perhaps then, we could one day regardless of our cognizance breathe the symphony of our dreams.


– Agnes Chew


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