Coup de Foudre

Siam Reap, Cambodia, 2014.

Siam Reap, Cambodia, 2014.


Each day, time passes us by
and the unassuming moments slip away,
softly, silently, shadows disappearing in darkness;
only when we look back on our lives do we recognise
the little, defining moments that make up life.

The little moments that strike us, that shape us,
moments in which we fall in love, in which we discover the truth,
moments from which we gain clarity, from which we draw inspiration,
moments which compel us to radically shift our paradigms of thought,
henceforth changing the course of our paths in the journey of life.

The French have coined an expression: coup de foudre;
literally translating to a lightning bolt, it depicts a sudden,
almost miraculous happening, or, love at first sight.
There must have been an invisible thunderstorm the day we met;
it is the only explanation that suffices.

– Agnes Chew


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