Du (You)

Bali, Indonesia, 2014.

Bali, Indonesia, 2014.

I find traces of you
in all that I do.
Can you too feel
this unknown so real?

When in embrace,
do you wonder
if the words within me
ache with desire?

You and I,
in a dreamlike lullaby.
Floating, falling,
as if we were flying.

Hearts soaring high
in a whimsical sky.
Never did we deny
the impossibility of why.

Wherever you are
ceases to matter.
For even from afar,
you set my soul aflutter.

I close my eyes,
and you are with me.
In the world of us,
there is nowhere else to be.

Du bist meine Heimat.
(You are my home.)

– Agnes Chew



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