Once Upon a Time

Phuket, Thailand, 2014.


A sea of cornfields
glitters like gold
under the open sky.
In its embrace lie
two beating hearts.

Once upon a time,
there lived a boy
who loved a girl.
But he did not know
the girl loved him too.

“Isn’t this beautiful?”
she said, as the sun fell,
“Yes,” he said, his eyes on hers.
He wanted to stare into her eyes
and see what she sees with them.

In the fields they played make believe:
she was Queen, and he, her King;
a stone, a jewel, a flower, a ring.
When he tied the ring on her finger,
the game became a rehearsal for him.

On the day they built a telephone,
she held one end to her ear to hear
the earthquake of his pounding heart.
Since that day, she was inextricably linked:
a string from the left of her chest to his.

– Agnes Chew


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