Fata Morgana

Somewhere in the Aegean Sea, 2011.

Somewhere on the Aegean Sea, 2011.


He evokes emotions within her
as violent as the storms of oceans,
leaving her lost as a boat at sea
with an intense longing for currents
of his that would take her and lead her
through horizons, into oblivion.

Moons ago, she relinquished her all;
constellations, navigations.
She has since forgotten the notions
of land and the safety of a shore –
her heart cast out to the vast oceans,
never to be found, forevermore.

Might a Fata Morgana appear,
its allure magical, mystical,
the cusp of dreams and reality,
a vision or a mere illusion,
or has she already in him seen?
His tides would finally lead her home.

– Agnes Chew


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