Imaginary Illusions

Salzburg, Austria, 2011.

Salzburg, Austria, 2011.


Night has fallen,
and everything
that could hurt us
have left us, and
we are safe here
in the darkness.

Close your eyes,
let us now sleep.
Feel the whisper
of your breath
on my being
and mine, yours.

Empty your mind,
let us surrender
to our dreams,
wherever they
might lead us,
so long we are.

My soul has
yearned to be
close to yours;
a burning fever
that exhausts
and rekindles.

The poetry
of our longing
fills our lungs;
I am made entirely
of longing and

desire for you.

Who else would
have braved these
depths with me
but you – only you,
my anchor and
my dream.

– Agnes Chew


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