Love Me, Not

Venice, Italy, 2011.

Venice, Italy, 2011.


They say, change is the only constant;
everything is ephemeral, evanescent,
our lives are fleeting and transient,
as with us, our beings and emotions
are shifting as we speak and yet, we
clutch on to our words as an anchor,
knowing they would not remain, yet
believing in the false immortality of
our convictions and declarations that
would in retrospect no longer hold,
despite our fervour and the intensity,
for such is life – forever can only ever
be measured in moments, so please,
never tell me ‘I love you’, I would not
believe you, knowing that these three
syllables have once been uttered from
your very lips, for if this is the meaning
of love then I do not want you to love
me, and if forever exists in the now then
let us pray that the discrete points will
one day lead to a continuous function,
where I shall not love you, nor you, me.

– Agnes Chew


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