‘Can we stay, in this place?’

Vienna, Austria, 2015.

Vienna, Austria, 2015.


Since we parted
I have been gripped
by a longing for you
that could never abate.

That one night –
the stars listened
to the tinkling of
our laughter as we
walked in the rain
under an umbrella
that was far too small
for our beings and joy.

That one evening –
the leaves danced
to the subconscious
synchronisation of
our footsteps as we
frolicked over those
cobblestoned streets
alongside our hearts.

That one morning –
the world began
to adopt an ethereal,
enchanting charm as we
experienced it together;
in 2 weeks we lived
years and 1001 nights,
falling, flying.

From then on,
time became timeless
as I became yours,
and you, mine.

– Agnes Chew


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