Hallo? Hallo.

Freiburg, Germany, 2015.

Freiburg, Germany, 2015.


Once upon a time,
there lived a boy
who found a string
but did not know
that at its far end
there lived a girl.

One day, the girl
picked up her end
of the string and
murmured hallo,
marking a beginning
she did not know.

Soon they uncovered
the unknown way
words could gush forth
from their souls like
tsunamis, or
thundering waterfalls.

And day by day
the string between
them became
shorter, shorter,
as the distance grew
to nothingness.

So they began
falling, falling,
helplessly and
into darkness,
lightness; infinity.

And then one day,
the string vanished
and the boy found
his lips where
the girl first whispered:
Hallo? Hallo.

– Agnes Chew


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