I Surrender Wholly to the Water Without Regret

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Brighton, England, 2017.


Moving halfway across the world – to another continent, another land, to begin to build a new life, a new home – entails distance. The widening of distance; the closing of distance. Sometimes the former takes precedence, other times, the latter. This past weekend, in a moment of loss arising in another part of the world, I had in you found ceaseless wonder; an unexpected treasure.

As with the tides that ebb and flow, and like the old books that dance in and out of the expanding and contracting secondhand book shops on Charing Cross, so does my heart. Afloat in the immense ocean: soaring; falling; at peace. To have found my forever anchor amid the chaos and the fleetingness – you, my ever Heimat – I surrender wholly to the water without regret.

– Agnes Chew


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